Trimble, T3-UK and BRC Reinforcement invest in apprentices

Recognising the importance of bridging the skills gap, Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd. has facilitated a relationship between two of its customers, T3-UK and BRC Reinforcement, to educate and train the industry’s future Structural Technicians. What’s more, following the introduction, a group of apprentices from Barnsley College visited BRC Reinforcement’s Mansfield manufacturing site, in order for them to understand detailing in Tekla software translates to the development of steel reinforcement within a working production facility.

Following T3-UK’s struggle to grow its workforce, the director, Andy Adams, developed a training company (T3 Training and Development) and programme for apprentices, in partnership with Barnsley College. The free, intensive fast-track programme has been designed to deliver apprentices into the role of Structural Technicians.

Richard Fletcher, Managing Director at Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd said: “The skills gap is an important issue that can not be ignored, so when we heard what T3-UK were doing for apprentices, we knew we had to help our customer. Therefore, in addition to supplying Barnsley College with licenses for Tekla software, we introduced T3-UK to BRC Reinforcement, as we knew a partnership between them would highly benefit apprentices – and we were right.

“BRC Reinforcement has provided T3 Training and Development, and Barnsley College, with a fixing diagram and bending schedule of a foundation with column starter bars, along with the correctly prepared rebar for the students to fix within the classroom. The company also invited T3 Training and Development’s latest apprentices to one of its manufacturing sites to let the students see how a rebar factory operates.”

Maurice Hill, BIM Projects Manager at BRC Reinforcement, commented: “As one of the oldest suppliers of rebar in the UK, we have a massive amount of experience which we can pass down to future generations. However, as we are currently in the middle of one of the worst skills shortages in history, with very little being done to train the next generation of detailers, we jumped at the chance to help T3 Training and Development.

“As well as supplying the students with a lot of material to use during their course, we thought it would be a great idea to take the apprentices to our Mansfield depot to see coil straightener machines working in-line with link benders, manual benders and coupler installations. This would help them to understand what can be bent, what can be transported and most importantly, give them a much broader scope when they think about rebar solutions.”

Andy Adams, Director of T3 Training and Development said: “T3 Training and Development was developed to address the significant lack of formal training in the construction industry for engineers and technicians. It is our mission to bridge the gap between young talent and experience, in order to deliver an apprentice to an employee, who is able to start work on live projects immediately.

“We are grateful for all of the support we have received from the industry, including that of Trimble Solutions, which supplies us with 200 licenses for Tekla software and BRC Reinforcement.”

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