Tekla News for Building & Construction, Spring 2015

The season of new opportunities

Spring is a time to renew and refresh, and at Tekla we have been busy doing just that with the revolutionary analysis & design software Tekla Structural Designer, the new Tekla Structures 21, and new ways of working, such as Tekla Model Sharing and Tekla Warehouse. We are also looking to the future with the Internet of Things.


Tekla Structural Designer: The new way to analyse and design multi-material buildings

Tekla Structural Designer is a brand new dedicated analysis and design software for structural engineers working on commercial building projects. The software’s innovative approach combines analysis and design into a single, seamless process: Instead of first creating multiple models for various aspects of a project and later combining those into a Building Information Model, the solution allows engineers to work from the same analysis and design model throughout the process.

Tekla Structural Designer’s approach brings productivity benefits, for example by removing the need for post-processing analysis results. Fully automated loading and design includes wind loading and finite element analysis shortens design times.

The new solution offers capabilities–such as quickly creating and comparing multiple design options for determining the most competitive scheme–which enable engineering firms to successfully bid more projects and enhance client service. The streamlined change management translates into efficiency and reduced response times: Users can apply changes across the entire model to instantly assess impact and automatically get a re-design. In addition, calculation reports that automatically update eliminate manual report generation. 

As Tekla Structural Designer was developed with BIM collaboration in mind, structural engineers using it can synchronise models with Tekla Structures and other tools without compromising design data. Analysing and designing multi-material buildings has become more efficient with the sophisticated loading and analysis functionality, fully automated design, high-quality documentation and BIM collaboration.

For more information, visit www.tekla.com/tekla-structural-designer.

New Tekla Structures 21: Smoother workflows and modelling

Modelling cast in place concrete pours have been improved With advancements in interoperability, drawing control, usability and performance, the new Tekla Structures 21 enhances industrial, residential and commercial construction project workflows. It delivers benefits to structural steel and precast concrete designers, detailers and fabricators, concrete and general contractors.

“Tekla Structures 21 reduces the time between concept and construction by enabling more advanced project team collaboration and productivity, enabling free flowing communication between all project stakeholders. The end result is the efficient design and building of better structures,” says Risto Räty, Executive Vice President, Deputy CEO of Tekla and General Manager of Trimble Buildings Structures Division.Drawing construction lines, circles and points and placing custom parts is now simple and intuitive with direct modification.

Selected improvements:

  • Reference model handling and IFC change management and control have been enhanced.
  • Better industrial project workflow: The improved link with Intergraph Smart 3D brings better model information transfer as does the new bi-directional link with AVEVA PDMS.
  • Smoother integration with for example Revit Architecture and Trimble SketchUp Pro, and automated export of models and drawings downstream.
  • Simpler, more efficient modelling: What you see is what you get when drawing construction lines, circles and points. Also, you can use accurate, object-based model data for material quantity take-offs.
  • Drawing control and automation have been improved.
  • Modelling cast-in-place concrete and modifying pours and pour breaks have been enhanced.

For more information, visit www.teklastructures.com

32-bit Tekla Structures will be supported until the end of 2015

Since 2009 Tekla Structures has been available as a 32-bit and a 64-bit edition. For a long time 64-bit hardware and operating systems have been the standard setup for computers, while the usage of 32-bit setup has declined.

Due to this technology shift, support for the 32-bit edition of Tekla Structures ends at the end of 2015. The products released by the end of 2015 will still be developed, tested, documented and maintained against 32-bit Windows operating system. The existing 32-bit editions of Tekla Structures software will still continue working after the end of 2015, but we cannot guarantee that for example the customer support teams have the means and tools to troubleshoot 32-bit specific support requests. The 64-bit edition of Tekla Structures continues being supported.

We recommend all users of 32-bit Windows to update their Tekla Structures workstations to 64-bit Windows operating system by the end of 2015.

Tekla Discussion Forum: New look and feel

Tekla Discussion Forum, the venue for support, sharing experiences and some off-topic socializing for Tekla Structures users, has moved to a new platform at forum.tekla.com, now boasting a new look and feel and being easier to use and follow. The Forum includes some nice new features such as voting, polls, likes and messages, and the profiles can be customized more than before.

The new Forum is more closely connected to Tekla’s other customer support channels such as Tekla User Assistance. Our support staff will be visiting, in addition to your fellow Tekla Structures users. As the old forum had grown into a remarkable knowledge repository, the posts can still be searched although the platform is new.

You can access Tekla Discussion Forum with your Tekla Account (please note that this is not the same as your old extranet account). Some parts of the Forum are restricted to customers on Maintenance.

Tekla Model Sharing: One project, global team

Tekla Model Sharing is a truly unique, new collaboration platform for Tekla Structures users. A team can work effectively on one model without sharing an address or office. With it you can bring together the right people for the success of the particular project you are working on – and you can balance the workload across teams and offices according to your resources. Regardless of the size of the team, with Tekla Model Sharing the members can work on all kinds of projects. Remote work becomes a practical option.

With Tekla Model Sharing, your data is safe. The model data is safely stored locally according to the highest security protocols and synchronized globally via the Tekla Model Sharing cloud service, using encrypted data transfer.  Storing the data locally and using Cache, a special feature of Tekla Model Sharing, mean that access to the shared model is reliable, no matter any interruptions in the Internet service. The files are quickly distributed to team members using the internal network.

Read more about Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Warehouse: Building blocks for modelling

Tekla Warehouse is a new, free online BIM library of Tekla Structures add-ons, libraries and templates. It offers a convenient way to produce high-quality models efficiently.

From Tekla Warehouse you can find all kinds of building blocks for modeling projects: There are applications that extend the capabilities of Tekla Structures, custom components, intelligent 3D model parts, profiles, materials like steel and concrete grades, rebar, mesh, shapes, and templates.

The parts include all the relevant information for construction – not just the geometry – and come straight from the producers exactly as their physical counterparts on construction sites. Manufacturers’ products and applications are easily available to users, who then can add these to their Tekla Structures models

Visit Tekla Warehouse

Tekla Account: You need it now

Tekla Account and a Maintenance contract give access to Tekla Structures 21 and other solutions at Tekla Downloads, Tekla Warehouse, Discussion Forum, Tekla User Assistance and you also need it to use Tekla Model Sharing. If you do not have a validated Tekla Account yet - please note that this is not the old Tekla Extranet account - register now at account.tekla.com. After completing the form, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail to finish creating your account. Your organization’s Tekla Account Administrator sends you an invitation to the organization, and after accepting, you can use all the services included in Maintenance.

Internet of Things is a construction revolution in progress 

Internet of Things basically means that a variety of equipment - machinery, sensors and such - is connected over the Internet. Some practical applications include cars, unmanned aircrafts collecting data, and automated construction machinery. When it comes to the built environment, smart homes and smart cities represent the idea. This truly is a major step regarding automation and data collection.

What makes Internet of Things happen?

The price of computers, including small ones with good connectivity, has come down drastically. Similar development is under way with the connected devices that are needed for a functioning Internet of Things. However, also availability and ease of use of the components and equipment are prerequisites for this revolution.

These devices cannot connect if the Internet of Things does not stand on strong data transfer standards. One important consequence of this is the transition from monolithic, complex and expensive one-supplier automation systems to modular distributed system comprised of standardized components.

Development of equipment, such as construction machinery, automation and remote sensing technology will probably be very dramatic. You can’t imagine how different construction sites would be in the times to come.

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