New tools for miscellaneous steelwork now available on Tekla Structures

Committed to improving the way projects are designed and built using Tekla software, Trimble has released a variety of new tools for Tekla Structures, which will enable customers to detail miscellaneous steelwork easily and quickly.

Expanding upon the group of default components already available in Tekla Structures, Trimble has recently added new components to address more complex situations. The new tools, which can be used for a multitude of projects, whether it’s residential, industrial or architectural, will allow detailers to create curved platforms, spiral staircases and mezzanine floor systems from industry leading suppliers.

The ability to create curved platforms is ideal for storage tanks or silos; the tool includes support and decking, with options to control the railings, specify ladder openings and create a radial grid. With the new spiral staircase tool, detailers will be able to create plates for steps, columns of double stringers, and stringers that can be produced with the new bent plate functionality.

The bent plate functionality allows detailers to merge and form complex shapes. For example on a bent curve gusset plate, the three items can be joined together using the new command in order to create one item. This one item can then be automatically unfolded as CNC data – perfect for folded steps, spiral staircases or cold-formed profiles.

What’s more, Trimble is pleased to announce that Tekla Warehouse now has tools available for three mezzanine floor systems from industry leading suppliers Metsec (Voestalpine), Ultrazed (Hadley Industries) and BM Industries.

Symon Schofield, Development Manager at Trimble, said: “The mezzanine floor tool, which can be found within Tekla Warehouse for the UK market, enables the placing of mezzanine floor members and the corresponding anti-sag members quickly and easily into a Tekla Structures model.

“By using the tool, floor members are automatically spaced, anti-sag members can be put in the correct position and rotations can be controlled – all of which produce consistent and easy to manipulate mezzanine floor designs.”

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Jill Willoughby

Jill Willoughby
Sales and Marketing Coordinator