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New Steel Conical Bend

Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd. is pleased to announce that the latest versions of Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds are now available for download. The 2018i version updates offer users new features and enhancements that increase efficiency, improve workflows and provide better documentation and a more fluid working experience.

The updated structural BIM tool Tekla Structures focuses on cultivating a more efficient workflow throughout every phase, with more clarity and increased speed through improved automation.

Steve Jackson, Technical Manager at Trimble Solutions UK said: “The new Document Manager on Tekla Structures 2018i improves the organisation and management of project deliverables. It is highly customisable according to the specific needs and workflows of the project and has a comprehensive 3D based checking process of the drawing content. What’s more, Trimble continues to improve the user experience with its new customisation tools for the property pane and ribbon, allowing the user to organise the screen tools to best suit the way they work.”

The Drawing Content Manager is also now available for rebar dimensions - it increases efficiency by letting designers instantly check whether rebar and other parts are marked in the drawing. Moreover, new dimensioning tools automatically create all dimensions for objects and openings in plans and elevation drawings, reducing the risk of error.

Steve continued: “We have added a variety of enhancements for cast-in-place concrete, such as faster formwork planning and IFC4 support for Pour Unit and improved performance for large formwork models. Using Pour Units is now easier with automatically assigned formwork objects and the transfer of rebar fabrication data is more efficient.  Automated formwork planning features now support more complex wall and slab geometries for easier and more versatile use.”

Concrete formwork planning

Those working with precast concrete can significantly improve productivity using Half Slab Reinforcement, a new toolset to automatically create optimised, detailed reinforcing and braced girders for half slab floors. Trimble has further developed the wall layout and recently introduced Double Wall details toolset to improve its customers’ detailing efficiency and user experience. Drawings can now be linked to the model objects in Trimble Connect and Precast Production Export has been further improved to allow more efficient and versatile data transfers.

Trimble has also updated its powerful structural calculations tool, Tekla Tedds. The 2018i version offers design code enhancements including new Eurocode support for timber design, as well as a more productive structural design process that has a simplified concrete beam analysis and design calculation.

The new Tekla Structural Designer 2018i analysis and design tool has a new design support code and a number of workflow enhancements, such as user-defined node by coordinate input, better handling of large models and improved interoperability between Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Structures. Updated integration between Tekla Structural Designer and Autodesk Revit now supports the 2019 version of Revit.

Steve said: “For cast-in-place concrete, we have added the animation of deflected shape and slab deflections for quicker and easier insight into the performance of a proposed structural design. What’s more, complete concrete foundation design means no more additional supplementary hand calculations. Structural steel enhancements include a robust link with IDEA StatiCa connection design for both Beam to Column and Beam to Beam steel connections. A structural steel connection resistance check enhancement makes it even easier to improve the quality of early-stage constructability checks.”

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