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Change. A possibility to tell a new story.

There is an ongoing evolution in the way the world works. Your business is not the same as in the past. Growing in this environment requires the courage to change – and the tools to make it possible. Tekla Structures 19 makes the change easier and extends your possibilities.

Some of the great news with Tekla Structures 19 include:

  • Workflow Tools that could change the whole process for the better. Go tell the production and construction management about it – they will thank you! Read more below in Workflow.

  • Tekla User Assistance just press F1 for the new online help and self-support service.
    Change the way you learn and how your team learns. Visit Tekla User Assistance now!

  • Cast In Place functions from Tekla now deliver the tools that concrete builders and designers need to model, plan and pour accurately .Win more work with Tekla!

...and a lot more tools that put more power into your hands.

As a Trimble company, we are contributing to a change in the way the world works.

What's new?

Tekla Structures19 offers a lot of value in one package. Your new story starts from here!


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Tekla User Assistance

Empower yourself.
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Concrete changes
New: Concrete modeling and pour planning tools!

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Model, plan, manage

With the new workflow tools you can transform the whole process! You have the model in your hands throughout the process. This allows for a whole new flow in the project and makes it all much more efficient.

Annotate, assign and prioritize the fixing of clashes, get them sorted out and mark things done with Clash Check Manager.

Use the Object Browser to get the tons and volumes quickly for parts, groups, phases and sequences.

Get organized

The workflow tools also include a Model Organizer. Classify and structure the model by submittals, lots or sequencing. Create take offs of all materials. Define work breakdown structures.

  Tekla Global BIM Awards 2012
Best BIM Project: The Derby Business Park by Engineering Office Mäkeläinen. Espoo, Finland.

Watch how it builds up

Tekla Structures 19 includes Weld Visualization. See the size and shape of your welds directly in the model. view – there is no need to interpret any additional dialogues. And you can write multiline text in the references.

Goodbye rough edges, welcome smooth curves and folded plates

With Tekla Structures 19, you visualize smooth curved shapes that can be fabricated equally smooth. Modeling complex shapes and plates is easier than before. Express complex geometry with multiple parts and combine these to a single part for reporting and drawings. Fold and unfold, and if the plate is flat, it can produce a DSTV output.

  Tekla Global BIM Awards 2012
Best Steel Project: Emirates Air Line London Cable Car by Watson Steel
Structures Ltd. London, United Kingdom.

View of your drawings instantly

When minutes count, opening the documents for a quick look could eat away precious time. The new Drawing Snapshot gives you an instant view of your drawings - without actually having to open them. You will stay on top of things on the go.

Guided Section View Creation

In Tekla Structures 19, Section View Creation in the drawings will clear the fog, as the creation process is visually guided. Place your marks easily with the mark leader lines snapping into 45° and 90° automatically. See which drawing elements you can edit: handles in the view borders and leaderlines mark them clearly. Make bolts, holes, rebar and other drawing details look as clean and accurate as you want with the improved drawing tools.

And remember: Tekla User Assistance is a click away, ready to help you get the most out of the new features.

  Tekla Global BIM Awards 2012
Best Concrete Project: Park&Ride De Uithof by Hurks delphi engineering.
Utrecht, Netherlands.

Collaborate with ease

Tekla Structures 19 contains both new and improved links directly to fabrication and other software, making collaboration easier than ever. As a new, useful feature it offers IFC export to complex shapes such as spiral rebar and sloped structures. Enjoy enhanced support for and connection with some of the most important, commonly used tools in the industry.

PDF drawings work as reference

PDF is probably the most common electronic document format in the world. Tekla Structures 19 lets you use PDF drawings as reference and the starting point for your modeling work.

And it is Windows 8 compatible.

Download now.

For Tekla's collaboration tool Tekla BIMsight, visit the site here

  Tekla Global BIM Awards 2012
Public Favourite: The Capital Market Authority office tower by Eversendai.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.