Any precast product

Tekla Structures is ideal for modeling a wide variety of precast products. Here are some examples of element types created in Tekla Structures:


  • Half slab
  • Hollowcore slab
  • Solid slab
  • Balcony slab
  • Double Tee slab
  • Ribbed slab


  • Architectural / facade panel
  • Sandwich panel
  • Double wall
  • Insulated wall 
  • Solid wall / Shear wall 
  • High wall

Frame elements

  • Rectangular beam
  • I-beam
  • Ledger beam / Inverted-T 
  • Tapered I-beam
  • Spandrel beam
  • Multi storey column

Special function

  • Stairs and staircases
  • HDB element (Singapore-specific)
  • Bathroom volumetric
  • Architectural element
  • Utility precast



Learn also about different precast project types that can be created using Tekla Structures.


With Tekla you can:

  • Detail any structure regardless of material, size or complexity. 
  • Find clashes and avoid errors in drawings and fabrication data.
  • Extract perfectly associative drawings, reports and production data from the model.
  • Manage changes efficiently.
  • Standardize and streamline your work.