Tekla Maintenance

Upgrade to latest version to win more projects

Tekla Maintenance is the easiest and most cost effective way of protecting your investment. It secures your productivity with higher quality user support, the latest software developments and additional tools. You will avoid costly outages and loss of productivity and time, giving you the ability to focus on more strategic business objectives.

Beside getting below benefits by renewing Tekla Maintenance, there will be a 1-day skill upgrade training and 3 months evaluation licence for Tekla Model Sharing.  If you are still pondering, join our trial workshop and request for evaluation license to find out how powerful Tekla solution can be in helping in your construction projects.  Sign up the form and our consultant will reach out to you with more details.


Benefits Maintenance Off Maintenance
Helpdesk by phone
Helpdesk by email
Tekla User Assistance Support Articles *
Tekla Discussion Forum
Free software version updates with regional environments, service releases and learning materials
Free access of Tekla Warehouse with a library of applications and much more *
Tekla Webinars
Tekla News
Periodical Product Hints & Tips
Tekla Structural Designer Clinic**
On-site technical visit **
Free certification examination (quota is subject to number of licenses) * **
One time upgrade workshop upon new version release
Free or subsidized Tekla events like User Day and Super User Group Gathering with leisure activity.

* For Tekla Structures only
**Trimble reserves the right to review the customer requirement on case by case basis and timing of service delivery is subject to Trimble’s resources.

Tekla offices worldwide have support staff with industry background who help customers on Tekla Maintenance in case of technical problems. The local helpdesks speak local language and know the local industry and standards. The support is personal and beneficial. Also, our localization teams adapt the software to suit the standards, materials and requirements in the region. However, you can work with any environment from any region regardless of your own location.

Support anytime

The extensive Tekla User Assistance is continuously available online for Tekla Structures customers on Maintenance offering instructions, support documents and videos online. On the Tekla discussion forum Structures users share their best practices and techniques. Tekla developers follow and comment in the discussion forum and offer support and feedback.

Helpful resources for Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds customers on Maintenance are available at fingertips. Quick start guides and technical FAQs in Knowledge Base, as well as on-demand webinars are just a few types of many online support available to Tekla's Analysis & Design software customers.

More tools and most current versions 

With Maintenance, you have the most up-to-date version of Tekla software at hand. We are a development-oriented company and work together with the industry on development. New versions improve productivity and allow you to achieve more. All new versions, updates, features and improvements, regional environment installations and service releases are included in Maintenance. You can update your software whenever you like or change back to an older one when a project requires.

Maintenance also includes access to additional tools like Tekla Warehouse. Tekla Structures Extensions respond to local and user-specific needs in an agile way.

Continued Learning via Tekla events

Going on Maintenance allows you and your team to enjoy free or subsidized Events such as BIM Innovation Conference, User Group Workshop, Skill Upgrade Workshop for new version,  field study trips and more.

Maintenance increases productivity



Why Maintenance

  • Backs up your investment to Tekla software
  • Local, high quality user support
  • Latest up-to-date software and additional tools
  • Keep learning in user meetings, online videos, webinars and seminars
  • Tekla Maintenance has no hidden costs

Maintenance Canam

Tekla's responsiveness over the years has been above the industry's norm and has contributed to the development and improvement of our BIM / VDC services.
Jean Thibodeau
Senior Vice-president InteliBuild and Information Systems
Canam Group Inc.