Tekla Structural Designer: Intermediate Training

This intermediate training course is aimed at those who have previously completed the Tekla Structural Designer two days Fundamental training course, and want to learn about topics and features that have been introduced to the software and our training since its original release.

Utilising your existing Tekla Structural Designer knowledge, you’ll learn new commands and processes not covered in our previous fundamental training, including importing of DXF files, pattern loading, simple wind, slab design with strip method, transfer structures, complex modelling and more. 

Target audience
For engineers whom have completed the Fundamental Training and want to enhance their knowledge using Tekla Structural Designer.

Fundamental Training

6 PDU points will be awarded for Singapore participants.

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Code of practice:

Training method/s available:

2 half-day interactive online training

Classroom (suspended due to COVID19)
1 full-day face-to-face training at Trimble office

On-site (suspended due to COVID19)
Train your staff in the comfort of your own office for 1 full-day

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