Leading the way in building more efficiently and intelligently: The digital fabrication process at SoilBuild’s ICPH commences with the BIM model generated in Tekla Structures, which contains the necessary information needed for operation, production, and tracking purposes.

F.A. Wilhelm Construction

Efficient, accurate and reliable planning plays a key role in the success of concrete construction. US-based F.A. Wilhelm Construction trusts Tekla Structures as a tool for formwork and concrete pour planning.


Kurganstalmost is on its way to become one of the top steel fabricators in Russia. Applying advanced methods has enabled the company to move on from bridges to providing tubular steel structures for major stadiums of international sport events.

Détail Optimal

If you are a top structural steel designer and take quality seriously like Détail Optimal, you need to stay on top of technological development. With point cloud technology and BIM, Détail Optimal can now both deliver their projects quicker and achieve more accurate results than ever.


Sisttemex is a Mexico-based company that offers specialized product and services in steel structures and appreciates reduced delivery times and smoother project management.

Pankow logo


When you take pride of your trade, you prefer tools that are purpose built for your needs. The concrete builder Pankow took an innovative approach to technology and construction in order to bring superior value to their clients.

Stonehenge Co., Ltd

Thailand-based engineering firm sees quick improvement in efficiency after newly adopting Tekla Structural Designer.

Sepakat Setia Perunding Sdn Bhd

To keep up with the current BIM requirement that clients today often seek, Malaysian engineering firm Sepakat Setia Perunding Sdn Bhd chose Tekla Structural Designer to help them remain relevant with an added competitive edge in the industry.