Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)

Under Industry Transformation Plan, Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) is identified as one of the key strategies for an advanced and integrated build environment.

What is IDD?

Building and construction projects involves many stakeholders. Through exchanging digital information, IDD aims to connect various industry parties involved in the projects with common shared platform for easy collaboration. The common platform allows the integration of the entire project delivery process from design, off-site fabrication, assembly on-site and eventually, operations and maintenance of buildings.

Some key benefits of the approach are:

• Work collaboratively for better integration 
• Improve accuracy of plans and reduce construction waste 
• Enhance productivity and quality of work

1. Digital Design

With integrated digital exchange between project parties, designers can perform computation design. This enables designers to explore the optimal alternatives effectively and efficiently. With high-level of details contained in the digital information, constructability issues can be looked into at the early stage of design. It is now possible to have early expert participation in a project during design stage.

Solutions for Digital Design:

Tekla Structures 
Tekla Structural Designer 
Tedds: Bridging the gap from design to fabrication

2. Digital Collaboration & Production

Even though construction projects are local, the project team comprises members from all over the world. Cloud-based collaboration ensures single source of truth and ensures accuracy, consistency and transparency of the project information. BIM model server enables remote collaboration for quality information exchange. With high level of details, accurate fabrication data is available for off-site production. Automated precast and steel fabrication is made possible with machine readable digital data.

Solutions for Digital Collaboration & Production:

Trimble Connect 
Tekla Structures
Trimble Connect for HoloLens 
SketchUp Viewer for HoloLens

3. Digital construction

Bulk of the project cost occurs during the construction stage. Real time site progress tracking allows quick assessment of project performance. A virtual BIM model can be “constructed” on site, enabling information rich data from the BIM model to be digitally passed on through means of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and smart technology such as Mixed Reality for error inspection and detection.

Solutions for Digital construction:

Tekla Structures 
Smart Crane System and Trimble was awarded GoldPlus Award at BuildSmart Conference 2017 
Field Technology Group: Layout and Scanning



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SketchUp Tekla Structures Tekla Structural Designer Tedds Trimble Connect Trimble Connect for Hololens SketchUp Viewer for Hololens Field Technology Group: Layout and Scanning


Smart Crane System Trimble awarded GoldPlus Award at BuildSmart Conference 2017