Getting Started with Tekla Tedds

Tedds can help you create, review, compile and archive all of your structural calculations electronically. Whether you choose to use Tedds’ library of pre-written templates or create your own custom calculations, you can easily create professional and transparent project documentation every time. To learn how to utilize Tedds to improve productivity, watch the tutorials within each of the sections below.

Library of Design Modules

Electronic Calculations in Word

Automatic Load Generators

Section Property Calculator

Section Data/Code Tables

2D Frame Analysis

Intelligent Link to Excel

Output - 3rd Party Software

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Available calculations in our trial

British Standards


US Codes

Canadian Codes

Australian Codes

Tedds - Santosh Abraham - MSCEB

We rely on Tedds every day to speed up our structural calculations. The clarity of Tedds’ calculations and quality of our generated documents helps speed up the review process. We’d recommend Tedds for every structural consultant.
Santosh Abraham

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Tekla Tedds Training Course

Learn how to use Tedds effectively. You will explore all the core functionality as we teach you how to run Tedds calculations and create reports in Microsoft Word, containing multiple calculations, notes and sketches. In addition you will grasp the many useful shortcuts that our experts use daily. On completing this course you will have the knowledge and confidence required to perform Tedds calculations and produce documentation efficiently. Request for schedule of any Tekla Tedds training course.