Tekla News for Infrastructure and Energy industries - Spring 2012

Welcome to Tekla News, a newsletter for energy distribution, public administration and civil engineering industries. In this issue, we have gathered together current news and information on Tekla Solutions and our Infra & Energy business area.


  • Tekla & Trimble
  • Tekla helped customers affected by winter storms
  • Tekla’s customers even more satisfied
  • Tekla Feedback adopted by the City of Espoo – the whole feedback process in one application
  • Linköping has found new ways to utilize Tekla Solution
  • Tekla Solution for district heating to Turku Energia as a SaaS service
  • Design of infrastructure & engineering structures meet in a model environment
  • Changes in responsibilities in Tekla Infra & Energy organization structure
  • Events – future and past
  • Tekla news & press releases
  • Trimble news & press releases


Tekla & Trimble

A world of opportunities opened to us a year ago when we became part of Trimble Navigation Ltd. During the past few months, close collaboration has been established between Trimble and our operative units in the customer industry segments.

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Tekla helped customers affected by winter storms

At the end of December 2011 two fierce winter storms hit Finland causing power outages for hundreds of thousands of consumers. In addition to dealing with the storm damage, crisis communication with the public required extra resources from the electricity companies.
According to the feedback we received, our solutions for energy distribution were reliable and helped managing the situation during severe power outages.
For example, with our distribution management system’s automatic fault isolation functionality and the information provided by smart meters, power supply was restored relatively fast and the customer impact minimized. Our SMS notification and internet map services were used in providing customers with up-to-date information about outages.


Tekla’s customers even more satisfied

At the end of the year 2011, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey to assess our performance and need for development. The survey was sent by email to over 2000 Tekla Infra & Energy business area’s customers. Over 600 responded to the survey, resulting in a response rate of 27%.

We have been extremely successful as compared to customer expectations with regard to a number of individual factors in its operations. Our customers, for instance, ranked the reliability of both system and system provider among the most successful factors. We continue to develop our operations on the basis of the customer satisfaction survey results, focusing on the issues our customers consider important.

The lucky winner of the raffle organized among all participants was Mattias Palo from Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB in Sweden. The prize was a fancy Jopo bicycle, a Finnish retro classic. Congratulations!

The year 2012 customer satisfaction survey will be conducted in the fall. We hope to achieve a high response rate, because customer feedback is vital for us to keep the business going in a positive direction. Our customers are the heart of our operation!

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Tekla Feedback adopted by the City of Espoo – the whole feedback process in one application

The City of Espoo has adopted Tekla Feedback, a web service application utilizing geographical information. The service is on the City of Espoo’s website, and feedback can be given on all city sectors.
Tekla Feedback supports the whole process of giving, handling, responding to and publishing customer feedback. It also benefits the city management by providing reports on the quantity, contents and response time of feedback.

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Linköping has found new ways to utilize Tekla Solution

The benefits of the interoperability of Tekla’s solutions have become clear to Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB, a regional energy, water and utilities supplier in Linköping, Sweden, as they have found new ways to use Linköping’s Tekla Solution for water utilities through data integration. The result has been more accurate billing, which has increased revenue, and concrete cost savings.

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Tekla Solution for district heating to Turku Energia as a SaaS service

Oy Turku Energia, an energy company in Turku, Finland, has purchased Tekla Solution for the management and maintenance of its district heating network. By this acquisition, Turku Energia strives to concentrate its district heating network information under a single system. The aim is to increase the efficiency of operations.

Instead of a traditional license-based deal, the software was acquired as a service (SaaS, Software as a Service). In the SaaS model, the service provider answers for matters related to the ownership of the software solution, including hardware and maintenance, allowing the customer to focus on utilizing the solution. For Turku Energia, SaaS was an easy choice.

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Design of infrastructure & engineering structures meet in a model environment

For a long time, Tekla has supported the development of the infrastructure and construction industries towards model-based operations. The latest trend facilitates the dialog between the model-based design of infrastructure and engineering structures, such as roads, railroads, bridges, and noise barriers.

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Changes in responsibilities in Tekla Infra & Energy organization structure

To ensure the effectiveness of our services, we have changed Tekla Infra & Energy business area’s organization structure.

The team responsible for Water utility sector has become part of Energy & Water segment that covers sales and consulting to electricity utilities, district heating companies, water utilities and communication network operators. The change will further improve the level of service for our water utility customers utilizing Tekla NIS network information system.

Along with the structural change, Antti Nevas has been appointed as a Sales Manager in Energy & Water with the responsibility for Water Sales. Also Jenni Malmlund has moved to Energy & Water segment and continues as a Senior Consultant. Teemu Heusala continues as a Software Manager for Water utilities and District heating industries. The Segment Director of Energy & Water is Pekka Hämäläinen.

The Segment Director Erkki Mäkinen and Senior Consultant Jukka Lehtimäki continue in the Civil Engineering segment focusing on business development in the industry of infrastructure planning and construction.

Tekla employees’ email addresses: firstname.lastname@tekla.com.


Events – future and past

Future events:

The very last call for Tekla Energy Days 2012!

Registration for Tekla Energy Days 2012 (TED12) – the seminar for the top professionals in energy business – has ended, but late registrations are still accepted circumstances and hotel room availability permitting.

The 9th international Tekla Energy Days will be held in Berlin, Germany June 13–14, 2012 (Wednesday & Thursday). The event is co-hosted with Vattenfall.

Visit the event site for late registration instructions and checking the updated program with several interesting lectures and other activities.

Past events:

  • Tekla participated in the Smart Grids Summit 2012, held in Stockholm, Sweden on 24th–25th January 2012. The event brought together Europe’s leading electricity grid distribution specialists, investors and regulators.
  • Tekla Infra & Energy's Swedish user days Tekla användarträff 2012 took place in Eskilstuna May 22–23. The event was co-hosted with Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö, and it brought together over 100 Teklans and Tekla's valued customers.

Visit our event page for all global events posted on the Tekla International site. For more events, visit our Finnish, German and Swedish event pages.

Thank you for all participants – future and past!


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