Deadline for Submission : May 15, 5 pm

There are seven categories to compete: Commercial, Public, Industrial, Infrastructures, Small Projects, Recreation - Sports and Student Project. The evaluation criteria used by the Jury and defines according to categories.

Tekla Asia BIM Awards 2018 - Professional

Tekla Asia BIM Awards 2018 - Student


  • How collaboration and co-ordination were used and demonstrated on the project.
  • Multiple phases of the model life cycle (Design, Build, Operate).    
  • The number of participants using Tekla or other reference models.
  • Use of open BIM and the benefits of the reference model from an open BIM perspective.


Innovative use of Tekla software

  • The basics covered – drawings, BoM, etc.
  • What challenges were faced and how they were overcome. 
  • New ways of working.
  • Bonus points will be given for more Tekla softwares have been utilized (Tekla Structure, Tekla Structural Designer and/or Tedds) 



  • Level of detail.
  • Multimaterial modelling and useage.
  • Complexity – of the geometry of the structure and the combined complexity and level of detail of the modelling.


“Cool” factor

  • Impressive or quirky structures.

For the Student project, jury will review based on the following crtieria:

•    Project Design
•    Complexity of the Model
•    Level of Detail
•    Use of the Model

- Examples displayed in drawings
- Examples displayed in Bill of Materials
- How was BIM used in the Model
- Workflow on project demonstrated

•    Submission (Choice of images, project description)

- Project Brief and Link to Student Studies
- Challenges faced and what was overcome
- Drawings
- Images

Following are the instructions and process for entering your project:

1.  Collect the project material. The most important part in your project entry is the material package including the Tekla Structures project/model folder. High quality model images, photos and drawings are essential too.
2.  Fill in the form (links to the forms below).
3.  Form contains a field where you need to provide a link from where we can collect your project entry data. Use any cloud or file sharing service you feel comfortable with (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive). 
Note: You can save the form and continue filling it later if you wish.
4.  Submit the form
5.  If you encounter any problems with the submit process, please contact us or local office.  Alternatively, you could write to us at

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