Traditionally, in Singapore, the use of precast technology has been applied vastly to the construction of high rise residential buildings. Avant Parc is a living example of precasting technology applied for low rise landed housing. Avant Parc consists of 15 terrace houses; each house has a basement, three floors above ground and an attic. The development is being built in three phases.

Special Challenges

The primary challenge was to showcase precast technology to yield high quality concrete finish. There are a couple of other challenges such as complex geometries, complex precast components design and BIM collaborations. And of course, there was the challenge of time - The design actually took longer than needed because the team was still new to the software where theu decided to learn about BIM through Tekla Structures by adopting it on a live project. We were doing all this while we were still learning. If we were to build Avant Parc today, with the latest version of the software and an experienced team of modelers, we would garner time savings of up to 30 per cent.

Project's Success Factor

We are able to produce shop drawings faster, more accurately and with better clash control. Tekla has also been an advantageous choice for them with quantity takeoff and It is very accurate. Thanks to this, We are hitting 98 percent accuracy and this saves us money because we do not over- or under-produce.Tekla Structures works well with other software where It exports to IFC platform with minimal information loss and it communicates well with bar bending and mesh bending machines.With all these advantages of using Tekla Structures, we are able to make this project successful. Also, not forgetting the teamwork and passion for excellence that the team have that contributes to this success as well.