What's New for Cast-in-Place

South East Asia

In this webinar, you will learn the latest developments in Tekla software for those working with structural concrete. You will learn what’s new for Tekla Structures 2020, and Trimble Connect.

Tekla software is developed to deliver truly constructible BIM and improve business performance by putting users in more control throughout the structural workflow. Regardless of structural material or project type, it supports high productivity and gives greater insight and more information from design to delivery on site. Tekla Structures 2020 introduced new and improved features and functionalities. This webinar highlights key developments for Cast In Place structures, which includes:

  • New appearance of model and model objects
  • Lofted slab improvements
  • Sloping slabs
  • Improved layering tools for rebar detailing
  • Formwork tools
  • Drawings: Edit views in the model
  • Drawings: New layout editor

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Thursday, 14 May 2020