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Tekla Structures Floor Tool for Precasters

This video shows how to utilize the Floor Layout tool in Tekla Structures. Floor Layout creates floors built of precast filigree and hollow core slabs. The floors may contain several layers, such as precast slabs, insulation and a cast-in-place topping. Floor Layout is most useful for non-rectangular floors that contain one or more openings that split slabs into many pieces, and when slab widths are not constant on the whole floor area. You can modify the floors using direct modification. Tekla intelligent 3D modelling software helps precast fabricators work more efficiently. Tekla helps at every stage of the process from design and tendering through production to warehouse, delivery and installation. With Tekla you can model faster with intelligent and parametric modelling, clash check and fix, produce detailed drawings for all stages, deliver manufacturing data, manage production and delivery schedules, produce 4D visualization and schedule tasks on site. Learn more at: