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Tekla Tedds 2020 - Key features

Watch as we explore some of the main enhancements and features available in Tekla Tedds 2020, Service Pack 2. First, we’ll introduce the precast calculations to Eurocode 2. There are a number of precast concrete calculations covering four main elements; beams, columns, walls and stairs along with three precast connection calculations for half joints, grouted sleeve splices and bearing design. We’ll look at the scope and features of each one of these calculations in turn as well as the ongoing integration development of Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds. Finally, we’ll take a look at RC beam torsion design, the Crane gantry girder design calculation, Batch Design improvements and a few other new improvements we feel will be worth your time. Read more: Read more: Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on social media: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: