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Tekla Structural Designer 2020 - Key features

Watch as we explore key features in Tekla Structural Designer 2020 and subsequent service packs. We’ll take a look at general improvements made to the Find functionality before moving on to some new features, such as Beam end partial fixity. Tekla Structural Designer now has the ability to model a connection stiffness between ‘Fully Fixed’ and ‘Pinned’ for Beams to Columns, Beams to Beams, Beams to Walls and Beams to Supports. We’ll also look at the new design for high shear in combined bending and axial check, fire resistance check, review-view control of Cracked/Uncracked setting for concrete members and the new diaphragm load type. Read more: Read more: Read more: Read more: Read more: Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on social media: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: