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Realistic Simulation Control & Automated Cracked Concrete Assessment for Fast Tall Building Design

For faster analysis and design of reinforced cast-in-place tall concrete buildings, Tekla Structural Designer can save structural design time and give more engineering insight. Reducing error-inducing assumptions and enhancing accuracy, Tekla Structural Designer gives the engineer control to manage the realism of the stiffness simulation to improve the design. Cracking concrete affects structural stability when member stiffness drops so insight into in-plane stress contouring is important to model the realistic state in the assessment of the lateral stability of the structure. Rather than limiting the engineer to assuming the entire structure is uncracked (unconservative) or fully cracked (conservative), Tekla Structural Designer gives the engineer control to consider which parts of the lateral load resisting system can be reasonably set as "uncracked" and advises where concrete cracking occurs. Learn more about the Tekla Structural Designer review-view control of cracked/uncracked setting for concrete members - Learn more about Tekla Structural Designer Start a free 45-day Tekla Structural Designer software trial. Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on social media: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: