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Equipment Loading in Tekla Structural Designer

Structural Engineers often find themselves in situations where they need to account for the significant weight of a piece of equipment and associated loading such as wind, but do not actually have the desire to model the equipment as it's not contributing to the overall structural stiffness. The new Equipment Load Entities in Tekla Structural Designer dramatically improve the way with which Structural Engineers can account for this scenario. Whether it be for an Industrial Structure with many pieces of equipment or a Commercial Building with large rooftop units, the new Equipment Loading feature in TSD allows users to model various shapes and have TSD automatically calculate loading such as dead and wind, and apply that to your superstructure via a total load at the center of gravity or individually decompose loading to user-defined support points. View our Tekla User Assistance article New Equipment Load Entities for more information and view the short video above to see Equipment Loading in TSD in action!