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Design Status Enhancements in Tekla Structural Designer

As Structural Engineers begin to focus more on various sustainability aspects, the need to thoroughly review a members' design status has become even more critical. This more sustainable design approach has led to a renewed focus on efficiency of design in terms of minimizing material usage - and thus maximizing utilization - rather than on reduction of direct construction costs through rationalization of sections/ details, potentially at the expense of some increased material and reduced utilization efficiency. To better help the Engineer, enhancements to the Review View within Tekla Structural Designer have been made to assist in assessing the efficiency of your design in these terms. These enhancements apply principally to the Status (Design) and Ratio (Demand/Capacity) view for each member type and allow the Engineer to filter or remove ‘clutter’, thereby easily honing in on objects with low utilization so you can improve the efficiency of your design. See the short video for an overview of the various enhancements and filtering options available.