Tekla Structures Steel Estimating Workflows

October 2, 2017

In this video we take a look at combining many of the tools in Tekla Structures to illustrate different ways to use the Tekla model for structural steel estimating. We review using PDF or IFC files, automatically applying connections, and generating reports or exporting to MIS software to leverage the Tekla model from the very beginning of your project. Extensions mentioned in this video: 3D PDF: https://warehouse.tekla.com/#/catalog/details/ud5d2ac1b-47ca-407c-acd0-59a51c9685a9 Reference Model Scale: https://warehouse.tekla.com/#/catalog/details/u785cc1de-3fed-443a-ba93-f61c688ef08d US Custom Variables: https://warehouse.tekla.com/#/catalog/details/u27e5185e-809c-410e-80fd-57c5d00dfbdf

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