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Tekla Structures 2018 New Feature - New Property Pane

In Tekla Structures 2018 most model objects now have a property pane in the modeling mode. The new property pane replaces the previously used model object properties dialog boxes. The new property pane has several benefits compared to the previously used property dialog boxes: -The property pane is always up-to-date. When you select an object in the model, the current properties are instantly shown in the property pane. -You can easily check which properties you are about to modify in the property pane. Tekla Structures highlights the changed properties in yellow in the property pane and a checkbox appears next to the modified property. -You can customize the property pane: for example, you can organize the settings as you wish and remove the settings you do not need. You can also add your most needed user-defined attributes (UDAs) directly to the property pane so that you do not need to open a separate UDA dialog box.