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Tekla Software 2019 for Steel - What’s New

Tekla Software for the steel industry now includes - in addition to world-known Tekla Structures - the FabSuite fabrication management information solution. This webinar introduces new features and improvements in both solutions.

The new Tekla Structures 2019 offers enhancements, improvements and new features to boost productivity and create smoother workflows.

Tekla continues developing modeling features that enable you to take on more varied and complex projects. Continuing the improvements in the bent plate functionality, version 2019 brings the ability to create standalone bent plates. This lets you more easily model complex details and platework than ever. A brand new extension for straight staircase creation will also be introduced.

Project document management became much easier with the new Document Manager (introduced in Tekla Structures 2018i). Replacing the old Drawing List, the Document Manager centralizes management of all project drawings and other documentation in coordination with the model. Version 2019 also brings many further improvements that help your productivity in drawing creation and editing.

This webinar also presents the idea of our new Tekla PowerFab offering for steel fabricators and main improvements and new functionalities in Tekla EPM, formerly known as FabSuite. There will be a separate webinar about Tekla PowerFab on April 3rd, 2019. The new, advanced model-based viewer replaces FabSuite View. It also lets you share models via the Trimble Connect collaboration platform, and view on mobile.