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Efficient and Detailed Multi-Material Modeling

Designing a constructible building and creating your design documents—whether you’re using steel, concrete, masonry, cold-formed steel and/or timber—can be a difficult and time-consuming process if you’re not using a 3D model. This level of difficulty is increased if you don't have the right tools to create a model with a high level of detail, which is becoming essential to many construction projects today.

This webinar will cover modeling tips and tools to show how to efficiently create a detailed 3D model, whether you’re focusing on one material or incorporating multiple materials into the construction. It will also include a demonstration of how you can easily create design drawings from your 3D model.

Watch to learn more about: 

  • Producing highly-detailed models with any material
  • The tools available to make modeling easy, efficient and accurate
  • Creating design drawings from a model