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Why real time information matters? Choosing fabrication management software at McCombs Steel

Tekla PowerFab is “Exactly what we need for what we do” 

Management knows that the selection of fabrication software isn’t a beauty contest. They know it means finding a package that makes workflow more efficient, can be quickly learned by employees, and is easily implemented across the organization.

According to Vice President of Finance and Administration, Ricky Horton, that is exactly what Tekla PowerFab did for McCombs Steel. Quickly up to speed, the entire organization is now on the same page. Project managers work with detailers in real time. Purchasers know exactly what they need to order. Erectors report on progress at each step. And the executive team can get a big-picture, real-time look at whether a project is on time and on budget.

Learn how McCombs Steel has taken their business to the next level with Tekla PowerFab. 


Watch the Introduction to Tekla PowerFab - Truly Connected Steel Fabrication management webinar to learn about unmatched real-time visualization and collaboration tools. 

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