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RJH Construction Design : Competes effectively and wins a range of work with Tekla Tedds


The challenge

RJH Construction Design’s primary goal is to provide an efficient and cost effective structural design service. To meet this goal, they needed to invest in quality engineering calculation software, to make their designs as productive as possible.

With presentation high on Hawthorn’s agenda, RJH Construction Design wanted software that would help create high quality design calculations and reports. Working in many different sectors, it was also important that the chosen calculation software enabled their engineers to work with all materials.

The solution

“Our TEDDS calculation software fitted the bill perfectly,” says Barry Chapman, Sales Director for CSC. “It is totally affordable for small businesses and provides a single solution to meet all their needs.” TEDDS includes an diverse library of US structural engineering calculations. It is intuitive and flexible, enabling engineers to ‘drag and drop’ calculations, photos and tables into a live Microsoft Word document, as well as creating their own bespoke calculations. What’s more, TEDDS’ monthly upgrades mean that engineers are always using the latest technology. “We are a client focused structural engineering business and pride ourselves on offering excellent service,” says Hawthorn. “We work closely with our clients to ensure we meet their specific requirements. Using TEDDS we can quickly and easily compare different design options in order to give our client the best solution. “We have been delighted with how supportive CSC’s technical support team are,” continues Hawthorn. “They know TEDDS inside out and because they’re all structural engineers, they understand our business and the technical issues we face. They’re proactive and are always able to offer us a practical solution to our query.”

The result

“The diverse range of engineering calculations available with TEDDS has meant we have been able to compete for and win a range of work. Not only does it save us time, but the presentation of our documents is clearer and more consistent,” comments Hawthorn. “TEDDS’ transparent calculations are proving invaluable. You can see all the workings, so you can easily check your output. “I’m not surprised TEDDS is an industry standard package worldwide. I don’t know another software provider with such an intuitive product which also provides so many regular updates,” concludes Hawthorn.