Efficient Fabrication Management at Germantown Iron & Steel

Wisconsin-based Germantown Iron & Steel introduced Tekla PowerFab and gained efficiencies across all areas of its business – from drawing production to client communication.

“I saw the return right away,” says Senior Project Manager Bill Claas. “Now drawings are up to date, we have better inventory management, and we’re better able to track our history and change orders.”

Claas says communication with general contractors has also improved, thanks to tools within Tekla PowerFab that help with managing RFIs, emails and more.

“We’ve got a system where the change orders are in there and we can see if they’re active and have been responded to,” he says. “It’s more efficient for the shop, as they’re knowing what to cut and getting a better use of the material.”


Customer testimonial: 
Tekla PowerFab brings big process improvements to Germantown Iron & Steel

In this video, Bill Claas, Senior Project Manager tells us how he's utilizing different parts of Tekla PowerFab in his work and how the company has aligned and streamlined their processes both in the shop and in the office to become more efficient.

Learn more about Tekla PowerFab, the complete and connected steel fabrication management software suite.

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