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Better understanding of your operations with Tekla PowerFab

Thanks to Tekla PowerFab, U.S. steel fabricator M&N Structures has improved its processes so much that the company can now take on more business than ever.

“Before we started using PowerFab, we were running between 15 and 20 projects a year. Now we’re running 15 to 20 projects continuously,” says Director of Operations Jonathan Henriksen.

Henriksen explains how Tekla PowerFab data helps his team estimate more accurately and manage projects better from start to finish. The company has taken advantage of the ability to customize the system into its welding processes, shipping workflows, site-delivery timelines and more – for efficiencies across the board.

“We’re better at meeting deadlines and make fewer mistakes,” says Henriksen. “Project managers can see a detailed picture of what we’re going to be working on from the very beginning. It has made a significant improvement in our ability to plan and predict.”


Customer testimonial: 
How Tekla PowerFab helped M&N Structures significantly grow its business

In this video Jonathan Henriksen, Director of Operations with M&N Structures tells how they have grown significantly by getting a better understanding of their processes, schedules and estimates.

Learn more about the complete and truly connected steel fabrication management system, Tekla PowerFab.