Better project management with real-time information at McCombs Steel

McCombs Steel sums up project management in two words: “Get Tekla” 

Successfully managing fabrication projects is a challenge. But when success means relying on precisely coordinated timelines flowing across multiple teams in multiple locations, that challenge is made exponentially more difficult. With Tekla PowerFab, project team members are kept in rhythm with a flow of change orders, updated inventory numbers and revised production schedules that ensure each employee knows the part that they need to play every day. And with remote access, managers can stay on top of things even if they are out of the office while off-site employees, like erectors and fabricators, can access the latest information from a tablet - eliminating the need to continually deliver new and changed paper project plans.

Hear McCombs Steel Vice President and Project Manager Bill McCombs explain how Tekla PowerFab keeps his operation running smoothly. And how it helps with his self-described day-to-day job description of “putting out fires.”


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Watch the Introduction to Tekla PowerFab - Truly Connected Steel Fabrication management webinar to learn about unmatched real-time visualization and collaboration tools. 

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