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As the construction industry moves towards Industry 4.0, embracing the use of digital technology to improve work processes has been the core focus of Soilbuild Construction Group Ltd (Soilbuild), a leading turnkey construction group in Singapore.

Soilbuild’s Integrated Construction and Precast Hub (ICPH) represents its commitment toward improving work processes as well as to explore new approaches in building a robust DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) eco-system.

Soilbuild’s ICPH is a compact building that consists of 3 levels – 2 production floors and one office floor level, with an adjacent 6 level dormitory block. This facility enables them to efficiently utilize their prefabrication capabilities, with a substantial increase in productivity.

Essential to the ICPH operations is the adoption of Tekla Structures owing to its versatility to export the data-rich information from the BIM models to interface with the various software platforms adopted by the machinery and equipment at the ICPH.

The digital fabrication process at SoilBuild’s ICPH commences with the BIM model generated in Tekla Structures, which contains the necessary information needed for operation, production, and tracking purposes. Furthermore, Soilbuild utilizes the BIM model data throughout the entire digital fabrication value chain; from sales orders, design & engineering, planning, production, storage and inventory to delivery. This facilitates a seamless and efficient flow of information from one fabrication phase to the next.  Furthermore, this also greatly improves communication and collaboration across the various software platforms and the associated stakeholders.

Looking forward to future plans of the ICPH, Nath Tushar, Digital Innovation Leader of Soilbuild shared that, “With the adoption of a BIM-based integrated workflow, digital fabrication operations are now less tedious and more systematic. It also provides a platform where collaborative sharing could take place, and from a business perspective, this is good and necessary as it has a direct impact on productivity. The future plan is to incorporate advanced technologies like Industrial IoT (IIoT), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence into our ICPH operations and take the concept of Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) up to the next level.”

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