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Clark Pacific Use Tekla to Deliver Better Buildings

Clark Pacific is a family owned precast fabrication company located in California, US.

In the webinar, Senior Project Manager Martin Scheiber talks how they use Tekla software and BIM to develop and manage their projects from estimation and sales to design phase, into fabrication through to field completion.

In his work, Mr. Scheiber focuses to help the company to apply different technologies throughout the whole life-cycle of a project, to in turn build better buildings, faster schedules, reduce site impacts and reduce life-cycle costs for their customers.

Join this webinar and discover:

  • Numerous use case examples how Clark Pacific is utilizing geometry and information in constructable Tekla model to improve quality and efficiency and decrease waste in their organization
  • Value of BIM for precast fabricator shared by company with long history with precast and Tekla  
    • How Clark Pacific benefits of use of 3D model for project estimation and communication in bidding stage
    • Experiences of Tekla’s Interoperability with other software and use of Tekla model to communicate with architects using Revit
    • How accurate model helps to find problems in early stage in process and helps to do value engineering for production
    • How Tekla software enables to improve drawing, data and document production
    • How Tekla model helps to collaborate and effectively transfer information between project parties in detailing, production and site  
    • How use of Tekla helps to improve quality and efficiency in production and production management, decreases waste and creates value in supply chain management
  • How Clark Pacific is continuously striving new ways to utilize Tekla software and BIM to add value and develop their processes and deliver better buildings