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Easy. Fast. Flexible. Tekla Structures 2021 Updated for Your Productivity

Tekla Strucures 2021. Updates to Increase your Productivity.

Tekla Structures 2021, released on March 17, delivers improvements for unparalleled productivity and new functionalities that are unique to the market. Users will benefit from more efficient workflows, increased productivity and greater collaboration across project teams.

Some of these benefits include:  

  • New Instructor Side Pane provides in-product guidance - learn as you go.Easy to get started with in-product guidance via dynamic video content

  • Reduced repetitive detailing work with unique Batch Editor functionality

  • Faster, more accurate modeling with drawing and object handling improvements

  • New extensions for various digital construction tasks including erection planning and scaffolding modeling 

  • Better support for digital precast fabrication processes

  • Deeper integration with the Trimble Connect collaboration platform and continued enhancements to Tekla Model Sharing 

  • More flexibility and easier adoption for new users via streamlined product offering

Trimble Connect Visualizer has now new rendering options to show your materials and textures.

With Trimble Connect Visualizer you can now present your precast project exactly how it is to be designed with custom textures, materials, and lighting to give the visual the most impact.


Raising Constructibility to a New Level

The focus of Tekla Structures 2021 development was to make the software easy to adopt by many types of users. This was accomplished by improving its robust quality, usability, in-product guidance, localization and product structure.

Constructibility is achieved by getting all team members on to the same page with shared, truly constructible building information. Supporting a rapid adoption of recently updated ways of working, Trimble offers an unprecedented level of collaboration and efficient remote working using Tekla Model Sharing for uninterrupted project delivery. 

Sakari Lahti, Product Manager - Precast Design & Detailing“We want to let our customers focus on tasks that add value to the project. Therefore, we are excited to give them innovative tools that minimize repetitive detailing tasks as well as intelligence that extracts quality drawings effortlessly,” says Sakari Lahti, Product Manager (Precast Design and Detailing) with Trimble. 

“The core of constructibility is being able to model everything. First, various enhancements to the basic tools and new functionality boost productivity and allow faster, more accurate work. Second, it is about the process. We are constantly improving and developing new tools that digitize tasks, making the overall process faster, more efficient, and accurate. One example is the new Crane Tool which streamlines pre-planning for the job site, delivery and erection, adding a whole new level of value to the BIM process.”

The new Crane Tool streamlines pre-planning for the job site, deliver and erection.

The new Crane Tool extension offers a complete set of functionalities - including lift simulations, lift checking (capacity, range, height and supply point) and erection time calculations - that help you save costs, make fewer errors and improve safety during the erection phase.


Full support for the model-based project lifecycle

Tekla offers a BIM based process to cover the entire project workflow from bidding to installation. Highlights of the Tekla Structures 2021 for each of the workflow stages include: 

Realistic model visualization is essential for demonstrating your manufacturing capabilities. Trimble Connect Visualizer now enables presenting your project using company-specific textures, materials and colors.  

Batch Editor simplifies detailing of repetitive structures.

Save time and reduce repetitive rework with the new batch editing functionality in Tekla Structures 2021. Excellent new way of tackling projects with repetitive structures!


A variety of productivity and speed improvements for modeling and detailing are the main highlight of this new version. Some of the most asked-for updates include batch editing of repetitive structures in one go, and robust change management for teams or individuals using model sharing. Additionally, a new way of modeling concrete stairs makes working with any stairs of any shape straightforward. The new crane planning tool calculates crane capacities and erection time, optimizing cost and reducing the unknowns in the installation phase. 

The Concrete Stair tool makes working with stairs of any shape straightforward.

The new Concrete Stairs tool makes modeling any shape of concrete stairs easy and straightforward.


The documentation process is improved with easier access to and creation of shop drawings, along with more intuitive dimensioning and enhanced cloning capabilities.

Updated Palletizer and Stacker tools help in production and transportation planning and optimization in the precast production phase. Material optimization is further enabled with the new rebar nesting functionality. Interoperability with digital fabrication systems is continuously improved, enabling model data being used further downstream during automated production. The newest addition allows for combining the BVBS data with IFC2x3 to enable an IFC model based collaboration towards rebar cutting bending.

Improving model data consumption in production and installation phases: An early version of 3D model annotation functionality allows for good visibility of 2D drawing data in a 3D model. Now dimensions and other annotations can be shown in a 3D model in the Trimble Connect Web viewer, enabling significant usability advances in the assembly and installation workflows. 

The early version of the 3D annotation tool gives you ability to show 2D drawing data, such as dimensions, in a 3D model.

Publishing your 2D drawing annotations from Tekla Structures 2021 into Trimble Connect allows others to view them in the 3D model view. For instance, this can be used on the factory floor per individual element or on-site by combining visual understanding of the model and erection drawing information. In addition to the geometry, the dimensions and other annotations like material, embed and reinforcement marks can be shown.


Thorsten Hertel, Product Manager - Precast Fabrication

Thorsten Hertel, Trimble’s Product Manager (Precast Fabrication) says: “The open BIM and interoperability with other technologies is an integral part of Tekla Structures development thinking. Tekla Structures is designed for prefabrication and enabling data-driven workflows into automated production.“

“We continuously support and improve our capabilities in this area.” continues Hertel, who is also the Trimble representative in the industry-wide IFC4precast working group of buildingSMART.


The Panelizer helps dividing for example insulation into stock size panels.

The Panelizer helps dividing for example insulation into stock size panels.

More than BIM

Tekla Structures 2021 also continues to include a Business license for Trimble Connect, the project collaboration tool. 

Tekla software by Trimble also includes Tekla Structural Designer structural analysis and design software and Tekla Tedds structural analysis and design calculation software. 


For more information about Tekla 2021 versions, please watch our What's new webinar and visit our website: