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Trimble’s new living, breathing case study!

We are glad to introduce our showcase website for our new office being built in Espoo, Finland.

Our new project website will act as a living case study where the benefits and values of our constructible process are highlighted. We will showcase how Trimble technology and services are used during the planning, design, fabrication, and construction phases.

Finnish insurance company Varma is the owner of the project and NCC Finland is the main contractor. Additionally, our customers e.g. engineering offices A-insinöörit & Sweco, steel fabricator Ruukki, and precast fabricator Betonimestarit are participating in the project.

We have established a showcase project team with members from our Trimble teams in Finland, contractor NCC Finland and resellers Sitech and Geotrim. They will be creating content for this site as the project develops. We will produce videos, blogs, customer interviews, site visits, and testimonials. You can also follow the progress in real-time through a webcam and watch the project grow.

Visit the new Trimble office website