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Tekla’s BIM software now includes Hilti products

Tekla and Hilti now offer standardized Hilti Anchors and Anchor Channels as custom components in Tekla Structures. This cooperation builds upon the joint venture Intelligent Construction Tools, formed by Trimble and Hilti in 2010.

Tekla, a Trimble company, provides a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software environment that can be shared by contractors, structural engineers, and detailers and fabricators of all materials. Now Tekla brings BIM know-how together with Hilti’s experience in fastening solutions to improve their joint customer’s productivity, quality, and reliability.

“3D design is certainly the long-term tool to improve efficiency and minimize errors in the building process, ‘3D viewing is believing’. By providing 3D objects of our industry-leading fastening products within Tekla Structures, we continue our commitment to being our customer’s best partner also in the virtual world of BIM”, comments Oliver Glockner, Head of Application Software and BIM solutions at Hilti.

"We like the fact that a company like Hilti is introducing BIM to its processes, ” says Risto Räty, Executive Vice President of Tekla Corporation. "Joint customers and actions with best-in-class companies such as Hilti give us an even more solid stand in the BIM process and offer increased value for our customers. We look forward to improving productivity in the industry together."

After forming the US-based joint venture Intelligent Construction Tools in 2010, LLC (ICT), Trimble, and Hilti have been cooperating for the purpose of bringing BIM to the field. Both companies share the opinion that bringing the information in Tekla’s building information models to the field in an efficient and reliable way is one of the biggest productivity drivers to be achieved using software and the latest technology.

Download Hilti objects from Tekla Warehouse