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Full Version of Tekla BIMsight for Construction Collaboration

No longer a beta version, Tekla BIMsight 1.2 is ready for everyone in the construction industry to download and share over the Internet for free. 

Tekla launched a new unique software application for building information model-based construction project collaboration in February 2011. With a new full version of the application, contractors, designers, architects, MEP detailers and fabricators can now combine their models, check for clashes, and collaborate even better.

Tekla BIMsight has been a great success with tens of thousands of installations. It is no longer a beta version but a more complete tool for efficient collaboration in any construction project. And what's best, Tekla BIMsight remains free of charge. Tekla BIMsight version 1.2 contains significant new functionality to support the design coordination review process and workflow. The application will be developed further to answer the collaboration and process support needs of the construction industry.

”Tekla's mission is to drive the evolution to digital information modeling, multiplying our customers' potential to think and achieve big in their projects and businesses,” says Tekla Executive Vice President Risto Räty. ”Tekla BIMsight remains free of charge, even as a full solution and with new exciting features that improve its usage as well as the construction process and workflow. Feedback from the industry on this product has been great. We are clearly changing the ways of working in the construction industry.”

Tekla BIMsight 1.2 software is ready to download for free at Video tutorials and an online customer community make it easy for anyone in the industry to get started visualizing and communicating with building information models.


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