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BIM Project Winner Announced — México Rompiendo Paradigmas Competition 2020

The first National Competition for Prefabricated Concrete, Rompiendo Paradigmas, was organized last November in México. The building project was predefined as a first-level medical care unit in support of the health sector. Teams of 4 students, all studying civil engineering and architecture, were eligible to participate. The main purpose of the competition was to enable future architects and engineers to collaborate together in the design and engineering of a hospital. They employed a variety of solutions in precast concrete that exist in México, including BIM application technologies.

The competition was organized by ANIPPAC (México's trade association for precast members), with Trimble’s sponsorship. Trimble was part of the jury panel, evaluating the best BIM project executed. 

Congratulations to the winners, Team Iztak!

Team members:

  • Nallely Zitlaly Guerrero Guzman
  • Daniel Hernández Mandujano
  • José Benjamin Pérez Garzón
  • Rodrigo Castillo Pérez

Team tutor:

  • M. en I.  Daniel Antonio Martínez Villela

 Congratulations again to Team Iztak!