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2019 Tekla Developer Awards winner announced

Trimble is pleased to announce the winner of the Tekla Developer Awards 2019. The top prize goes to the BIMcollab BCF Manager for Tekla Structures, developed by Paul Deckers from BIMcollab.

"We are very pleased to see so many talented developers participating in the competition and so many votes received from all over the world. The winning application BIMcollab BCF Manager for Tekla Structures complements our efforts to improve collaboration in the construction industry,” says Chris Wilson, director of Trimble’s engineering segment.

Competition for developers working with Tekla APIs
Twenty-four talented developers from around the world entered their Tekla applications in the Tekla Developer Awards competition. The competition, which has taken place since 2010, is open to all Tekla developers. Each of the entries, which ranged from individual projects to commercial applications, furthered the capabilities of Tekla software in innovative and useful new ways. More than 600 voters took part in choosing the winner.

There are three runners-up in the competition:

Connection export to IDEA StatiCa, developed by IDEA StatiCa, allows Tekla Structures users to export any steel connection and visualize it in a cloud viewer.
X_drawer, developed by IE Romashchuk R., creates assembly drawings within Tekla Structures.
Sigmat Stair API, developed by Sigmat, assists with modeling stairs to suit different options offered in LGSF buildings.
Better cloud-based issue management

The winning solution, BIMcollab BCF Manager, is integration for Tekla Structures and BIMcollab, an issue collaboration platform. The application adds cloud-based issue management capabilities to Tekla Structures. Users can create and modify issues and communicate them directly from within the application through BIMcollab. This makes it easier to manage any issues that come up while evaluating a digital model’s results, improving the quality of the model as well as the resulting structure.

"The concepts of open BIM and issue management stand or fall with the ability to connect BIM applications in various ways. Having a powerful and straightforward API is essential for creating these connections. The Tekla Open API is such an API," says Paul Deckers from BIMcollab.

BIMcollab is owned by the software company and open BIM advocate KUBUS, which focuses on BIM solutions for Design & Build. KUBUS has over 40,000 construction industry customers around the world and has offices in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Hasselt, and Belgrade.

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