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Be prepared to meet Net Zero

Construction clients and building developers now want to understand the environmental impact of their structures and care about reducing embodied carbon. Construction must consider how to build for the future and operate greener as well as faster, safer, and cheaper.

As 39% of all global carbon emissions come from building and construction the WorldGBC has challenged the construction industry to decarbonize by 2050. Arup states that a building’s structure accounts for 50% of its embodied carbon, structural engineers are thus essential to change and pressure to act but can meet the challenge by re-engineering their design practices and switching to a connected truly constructible BIM process.

Discover how, from design to done, truly constructible BIM reduces material waste and enables engineers to assess designs early to reduce their carbon impact before construction even starts.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn:

  • how to compare design options, and optimize carbon and cost,
  • how truly constructible BIM drives better pre-construction project planning to reduce waste,
  • the benefit of calculating embodied carbon whilst designing - a UK opinion from Ian Poole an associate Sustainability Consultant and  Structural Engineer
  • about Trimble’s commitment to partner with customers in building a sustainable future.



Sakari Lahti,


Marcus Mitchell,