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Why detailers already use Tekla Model Sharing

Many of you might work as independent detailers or in a small office with only 2-3 employees. You might think there is no real need for sharing your models, but what if you could easily join any project that could benefit from your help? Maybe your speciality is miscellaneous steel work and you mostly work with fabricators that only do structural steel - would you want to tender projects worldwide in your specialty field? Even smaller players can join big projects if they have the right tools at hand. Sometimes the project is just complex by design or because of a tight schedule. A multimaterial project on the other hand may require different disciplines working on the same section of the building. It is essential to stay up to date on changes and development in other parts of the project to make your part fit perfectly. Don’t miss out on opportunities to improve and increase your business - many of your competitors might already use this technology.