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Optimize collaboration in construction using BIM and constructible 3D models

Improving collaboration in your construction process with BIM

The construction industry has numerous players with distinct views and demands, making the process fragmented. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a vital tool for unifying everyone.

Every construction company and supplier has a specific task, and their contribution varies significantly. Additionally, there are differences in work styles, with some working on-site and others in the office.

The multitude of team members and subcontractors can present a challenge, especially when there's no reliable source of truth, leading to misunderstandings that impact performance and create tension. As such, construction companies seek ways to overcome these obstacles to deliver projects on time and within budget, using resources effectively and increasing profits. Communication and collaboration are necessary for achieving this common goal.

BIM: Boosting collaboration in your construction project

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an efficient way to start collaboration. Creating a detailed and collaborative 3D model allows you to break out of siloed activities and work together towards a common goal. BIM makes it easier to provide people with the information they need to do their jobs properly.

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Streamline the work between the field and the office with BIM and constructible 3D models

Enhanced communication between those in the field and those in the office can be achieved using constructible 3D models. These models offer more than just a visual representation of a project; they contain relevant and timely information that facilitates a shared understanding among all stakeholders.

By utilizing 3D models as a single source of truth, team coordination can be greatly improved, allowing multiple individuals to review construction plans and identify discrepancies or errors early on. This ultimately saves both time and money.

To achieve effective collaboration and information sharing, it is essential to have a flexible tool that enables data sharing among all parties involved. Such a tool would allow the entire project team to collaborate, review, and make changes to the model together, leading to a more cohesive and efficient construction process.

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