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Tekla Structures is a vital element of what students need to take to the commercial world


Twenty-six years is lengthy tenure in the education arena. Larry Marsing is Department Chair and a full professor in the Engineering Graphics and Design Technology Department at Utah Valley State College. Through the years, he has taught it all – from 2D drafting to 3D computer aided structural design. And he has used it all – from various CAD packages to Tekla Structures.

Marsing was amazed by the 3D technology. “I’ve been around for years, and have seen how software has developed. I really never saw any difference between packages. Tekla Structures blows me away. 3D product modeling brings projects to life. From an educational standpoint, Tekla Structures is phenomenal software. The learning curve is quick, making implementation an immediate reality”, emphasizes Marsing.

UVSC is a technical college. Structural Steel Detailing is one of five specialty areas within the Engineering Graphics and Design Technology Department. Larry set up this program in 1979, and the school first took on Tekla Structures in 1999.


Fast track to program mastery

Larry Marsing tried other software packages, which were difficult to learn and just didn’t present practical steel detailing solutions. The dynamic visual nature of 3D modeling combined with the Tekla Structures logical user interface places students on the fast-track to program mastery and real world productivity. Larry feels that fully immersing his students in a 3D environment is the most effective way to develop technical structural understanding.

Eliminating errors, drawings always up-to -date

Marsing goes on to say, “Electronic modeling is much more efficient. I used to detail on a reduced-scale tabletop model. There were a considerable amount of errors when transferring the information to the real structure. Tekla Structures eliminates such errors. I simply build in the components and connections and check. My drawings are automatically generated and always up-to-date. Budgets are tight nowadays. Tekla Structures saves on man hours, and produces higher quality results.”

Structure of any size regardless of material

Tekla Structures incorporates fully rendered multi-material object modeling, including intuitive analysis and design features. “UVSC is a technical college, and we like to provide our students with a well-rounded structural drafting curriculum. Tekla Structures integrates all materials that could run interference with steel. Our graduates leave with the knowledge that they can take on any size structure, regardless of material.

Vast demand on skillful Tekla Structures users

The benefits of 3D technology training stretch beyond tangible measures. The department has a high recruitment rate, with top placement of its graduates. Marsing states, “Much of this success is due to the strength of our Tekla Structures program. I receive an average of three calls per month looking for UVSC students. I could place twice the amount of grads if only I had them. I also have to say that companies outside of the steeldetailing industry are keen to recruit our students as well.” 

The UVSC structural drafting program has gained substantial recognition in the industry. This has resulted in new detailing businesses being drawn into the area. Marsing is proud to say, “Our students are so well trained that a company opened up a satellite office nearby the college for easy access to our students.

3D technology is here to stay

Larry is confident that his students develop suitable skills while training on the program. Real world and established construction experience only increase that understanding and level of efficiency on Tekla Structures. 3D technology is no longer the future; it is a medium here to stay. And Tekla Structures is a vital element of what the students need to take to the commercial world. UVSC and Larry Marsing are committed to Tekla Structures. So much so, that Larry modestly reveals, “We want to get the students hooked on Tekla Structures before they head out the door.