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White Lioness uses Tekla Partners Program to integrate with

White Lioness technologies was founded in 2013 by Anke Rolvink and Jeroen Coenders. The duo met while working at a large consulting company, where they would work on special projects using innovative software they had written themselves. The need to know how to write code, however, limited who was able to join in on the projects. Based on that limitation, Rolvink and Coenders created a platform called where users can build advanced solutions without programming.

Using the Tekla Structures Open API, White Lioness is currently developing an Software Development Kit (SDK) for integration between and Tekla Structures that will share valuable information between the two platforms. Any information that is accessible through the API can be exchanged and can then be used in application models.  The video below shows how and Tekla Structures will work together. Watch it now!