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Ideal solution for light metal framing

Light metal frame wall modeled in Tekla Structures

Engineers and detailers involved in the design, specification and detailing of multimaterial projects are not restricted to the usual structural projects like steel, precast and in-situ concrete but also modular, off-site, cold formed steel and sustainable building projects using Tekla software.

Tekla Structures is ideal for engineers and detailers that are involved in the design, specification and detailing of multimaterial projects, including light metal framing.

Create constructible models for different market sectors: including residential, commercial and health care. Reduce errors in fabrication and erection with improved model accuracy and communication with other project parties. All the relevant details and information for fabrication and erection of the light metal framing elements are also included. You are free to model shapes of different complexity. Speed up your modelling with i.e. dedicated components to model frame, straight or curved panels, ceilings and more. In addition, you can build your own adaptable components and tools using extensive and flexible Tekla Structures API. 

Photo: TDS Midlands Ltd. Orchard Village.

Framing applications and links for machinery are available in the Tekla Warehouse. You can additionally create your own bespoke tools and components on top of Tekla Structures. Accurate detailing brings significant improvements of on-site works, as well as considerable time savings and cutting of costs.

Achieve considerable time savings and cut costs by

  • precise detailing
  • automated drawing production
  • output to light metal framing machinery 
  • enabling efficient, right-first-time installation of elements on-site.

Light steel frame modeled by Intelligent Steel Solutions Ltd.

All materials in one model

Tekla Structures allows combining different materials in the same model, which gives accurate positioning of structure elements relative to each other and detects potential clashes and intersections.

This example shows a model with the light steel frames and connections to the whole structure including concrete walls and floors at their exact location in the same model.

Photo: Intelligent Steel Solutions LTD


Additionally you can keep all parties informed on the real status of the project with Trimble Connect or Tekla Model Sharing.

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Automate engineering calculations with Tekla Tedds

Our easy-to-use structural analysis software Tekla Tedds is the go-to document and design solution for engineers. Third party developers offer ready Light Metal Framing design solutions on top of Tekla Tedds that reduce repetitive hand calculations. 

Learn more from the Tekla Developer Awards example.

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