How Pankow Delivers Superior Value with Tekla Structures

Pankow is a responsive, service-oriented, self-performing concrete builder founded in 1963 and operating in US with an annual revenue of $400 Million. They focus on commercial buildings and specialize in delivering projects using Design-Build and IPD methods. Continuously striving more efficient construction with a solution-oriented attitude and collaboration with all project stakeholders, they deliver superior value for their clients.

Pankow uses the Tekla model throughout the entire life of the project, from pre-construction to pour. In this webinar, Senior BIM Manager Luis Perez and Assistant VDC Manager Lou Varni, explain the value of constructible concrete model for their company and how they benefit from using Tekla in estimating, project planning, concrete and rebar coordination, construction layout and working document creation for the teams on site.

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Sneak Preview of Tekla Software 2018 for Concrete Contractors
Sneak Preview of Tekla Software 2018 for Concrete Contractors

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