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The Top 3 Things to Check Before Hiring a Detailing Subcontractor

Hiring a detailing subcontractor who uses pirated software can not only lead to disaster for your project but also put your company’s reputation on the line if you are caught using them. Here’s how to ensure that the subcontractor you hire isn’t going to end up costing you more in the long run. 

1. Request a sample model

By requesting a sample model of the detailing company’s past work, you can confirm that it has properly trained employees who are able to do the job according to your standards. Why a sample model? PDFs of drawings are easy to forge, and could have been created by another company and passed off as their own work.  Sample models can be checked by sending to your nearest Trimble Solutions office, and they can verify if the model was done by the subcontractor. 

2. Check software licenses

Illegitimate licenses can corrupt your models or have hidden malware and ransomware that can ruin your business, causing delays, and loss of money and time.  Never loan your licenses to anyone outside your company; your licenses are your investment and once installed in someone else's machine, you won't have any control over what happens to them. Check that the company has enough legitimate licenses by contacting your nearest Trimble Solutions office

3. Check business licenses 

Make sure that every company you subcontract is a legitimate business by checking their business licenses. 

Trimble Solutions is always ready to help with free services that provide you with the information you need to confirm the legitimacy of potential subcontractors. 
We can take a look at those sample models and verify that they were done with legal licenses, and we can help you determine whether a company has enough legal licenses for your project.  We’re happy to provide these services to you for free.   

By working together, we can avoid the nightmare of illegal licenses and illegitimate subcontractors, for projects that are more time-efficient and profitable. 

Learn more about license compliance

If you would like to be sure that your prospective sub-contractor is a licensed Tekla customer, we would be happy to check their licensing status for you.