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Gain a Competitive Edge with Tekla Application Development

Competitive edge with Tekla application development

Some detailing and engineering offices have hired Tekla software developers to better serve the needs of their clients. Learn how they stay ahead of the competition by offering Tekla development services in addition to design services. You will be introduced to the experiences of three companies around the world.

Software for internal and customers’ needs

Many companies are developing Tekla tools to improve their own processes and productivity. At first, a Russian engineering company AxCo Design Limited did software development for themselves only, but they soon started to deliver the applications to their clients, too. Nowadays, they are a mix of steel designers and software developers, and they are looking for companies internationally to work with and solve their clients’ problems. 

In the same way, IPROBLUE Technologies in the US does software development for both their internal needs and for their detailing clients. “Now, when one of our customers, who sells staircases, starts a project, they can get the project done within an hour instead of one week like before while performing the same tasks,” says Przemek Olesinski from IPROBLUE Technologies.


Standing out among the competition

The Tekla Warehouse service can be used to showcase software development expertise to clients. For example, Finnish company Cadapi Oy decided to share some of their internal Tekla plugins in Warehouse to show their clients what they can do. Cadapi set out to develop building products utilizing Tekla Warehouse to differentiate among the other engineering firms in Finland.

IPROBLUE Technologies has similarly witnessed the competitive advantage that Tekla development brings. Development work has helped IPROBLUE Technologies in negotiations with clients and to win new projects. “Compared to other detailers, we have the advantage of proposing and offering a much better output,” says Przemek Olesinski. They have the ability to customize and give more information from Tekla than others.

Understanding the industry

Russian AxCo Design Limited likes to work with specific customers directly and automate an area specific to a customer. “It is important to understand the business and construction work itself and be able to suggest how the process can be improved,” says Anna Axelrod from AxCo Design.


“Doing design work with Tekla is a good basis for software development,” says Jorma Hopia, the owner of Cadapi and a structural engineer at Polartek Oy, Finland. For example, for a building product manufacturer, it is important that the application helps a designer select the right part at an early stage. A building product company may be an expert in their field but does not know how the designer will choose the part. “When you have design experience, you know how the designer really does his job,” Jorma Hopia says. 


Personal contacts are important

Personal communication and service have proven important when getting new development work and also when solving possible issues with clients. Clients are satisfied when they know they can be in touch with and have a conversation about their development needs or problems. When clients are happy they will ask for more. Anna Axelrod confirms that personal contacts are important, at least in Russia, and that recommendations are given from one person to another.

A huge opportunity

AxCo Design Limited sees automation as a huge opportunity for software development. There are opportunities to create something new and to make a difference. 

According to Przemek Olesinski from IPROBLUE Technologies the API development becomes increasingly useful for data processing and analytics between the office and the field, and will pick up even more popularity once Trimble Connect gets used.

“There is good news for those who think of becoming developers,” says Przemek Olesinski. “There are not many people doing Tekla development out there across the globe.There is a huge gap. So, if someone gets in and dedicates themselves to the development business, it can be very profitable. You can create a niche which will be your future,” concludes Przemek Olesinski.

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