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5 Reasons Why Every Developer Should Enter the 2020 Tekla Developer Awards

Are you a developer itching to showcase your revolutionary new application to the world? Then don't miss your chance to enter the Tekla Developer Awards 2020. As the entry deadline for the tenth annual Tekla competition draws nearer, we're inviting every developer to get their achievements recognized by the global community.  So, could your project be this year's winner? Read on and find out why you should enter. 

1. All developers are welcome 

There's a lot of potentially game-changing ideas out there, and we want to discover them. That's why we welcome entries from all Tekla developers, customers and partners across the globe. Students also have a chance to submit their applications. So, if you have a product that utilizes Tekla APIs, we want to hear from you.    

2. Get global industry recognition

So what happens if you win the Tekla Developer Awards? This year's winners will receive a brand new Mavic Pro drone, a certificate of recognition, and a detailed write-up of their application and company on the Tekla website. But you don't have to come first to get your hard work noticed, as every entry will be featured on the Tekla website for other developers, customers, colleagues and employers to see. 

3. Let new ideas lead the way

But the Tekla awards aren't just about prizes and recognition. They're a chance to let talented developers invent new tools, experiment, and to dream up new ideas. So, let your creativity lead the way by implementing your application with any Tekla software API. You can use Tekla Open API, Tekla EPM Open API, Trimble Connect API, Tekla Tedds API, and Tekla Structural Designer Open API. You can even mix with other non-Tekla APIs. The sky's the limit!

4. Build your dream team 

Many commercial Tekla products are designed to enable smoother workflows and easy communication between colleagues and clients. And, as the winner of the 2019 awards, Paul Deckers of BIMcollab explains, Tekla products help teams flourish even in the development stage.  

 "We were pleasantly surprised that we won this award. Working on the competition enabled a group of people with technical know-how to spend lots of time together to get the task done." So, if you want to bring your team together for an exciting new project, this could be the competition for you. 

5. You don't need to reinvent the wheel

Submissions are judged on their inventiveness and usefulness, so you don't need an elaborate application to win the first place. In fact, Paul Deckers encourages the submission of concepts of all sizes. "Even the simplest ideas and tools can make a huge impact on the industry," he explains. If your application can solve a problem, enable smoother communication, or enhance the quality of work, then get it developed and submitted. Everything from model checkers to real-time streaming tools will be considered. 

So, if you're looking to showcase your groundbreaking application, get industry recognition, or build an outstanding team, enter the 2020 Tekla Developer Awards by the end of July 2020, and watch your application change the way the world works.  

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