Oostingh Staalbouw

How to keep models always up-to-date?

At Oostingh Staalbouw, Information is Always Up-to-date

To keep every part of each project up-to-date, Oostingh Staalbouw Katwijk, a Dutch steel construction company, chose Tekla Model Sharing.
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The Singapore Sports Hub

The Singapore Sports Hub

Designing a national icon and the world's largest free spanning dome structure by Tekla solution.
Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures: Changing the Game for your Steel Business

Tekla Structures Means More Business for Steel Detailers

Even small steel detailing firms find the investment in making the leap from 2D CAD to a 3D detailing solution rapidly pays off in productivity gains and accuracy, as well as opens doors to better, more profitable business opportunities.
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Global BIM Awards 2014

Tekla Global BIM Awards 2014

Read the Global BIM Awards 2014 booklet
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Tekla Model Sharing and DNA Detailing & BIM in Hawaii

Tekla Model Sharing Makes a Dream Lifestyle Possible for DNA Detailing

Tekla Model Sharing Makes a Dream Lifestyle Possible

With Tekla Model Sharing, you can work on Tekla Structures models together with others regardless of your location or time zone. That is what DNA Detailing & BIM, LLC does.
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The structural model of Bergen Airport

Aas-Jakobsen finds new ways of working with Tekla Model Sharing

Aas-Jakobsen Finds New Ways of Working with Tekla Model Sharing

When Aas-Jakobsen got overwhelmed with work with two large airport projects, good tools were needed.
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Gardermoen T2 structural model

Avinor, Oslo Airport T2 project: Demonstrating the power of open BIM

Avinor, Oslo Airport T2 Project: Demonstrating the Power of Open BIM

Renovating an international, fully functional airport asks for coordination, collaboration and lots of model information. In this project the owner Avinor wants to use hundreds of reference models by Aas Jakobsen and others also for future renovation.
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DDP Plaza: World’s largest free-form building

Samsung C&T uses Tekla to make seemingly impossible free-form building possible

To ensure that Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul was constructable, Samsung C&T chose Tekla software.
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