IN Prediais

The engineering office IN Prediais is coordinating the building of the 33-storey Formosa Beach Hotel and acting as a BIM consultant in the project. The architecture, structure and building services have been modeled and Tekla BIMsight is used as the design coordination and communication tool. Tekla BIMsight's strength and power in this project is the easiness of use.

Intensive BIM ensures enjoyable holidays in Rio de Janeiro

The engineering office IN Prediais is the BIM coordinator and consultant of the Formosa Beach Hotel construction located in Rio de Janeiro Portuary Area in Brazil known as Porto Maravilha. That area is under urban reconstruction and aims to be a high-quality public space, offering good services and delighting spaces.

The architecture, structure and building services of the hotel have all been modeled. The goal of modeling the building was to gain a common understanding of the whole project and support the whole project team in decision making. The models have been developed since the early development of the design.

The design is coordinated and the models analyzed in regular meetings with the whole project team to get the most out of the models. In these meeting Tekla BIMsight is used for:

  • conflict checking between all models to minimize unexpected construction duties and to assure the system’s performance
  • communicating new needs, such as steel fabrication specifications, by making notes and markups
  • highlighting critical parts with saved views.


The images in this story show many good examples of their Tekla BIMsight usage.


The Director of IN Prediais, Humberto Farina says, that the benefits of BIM coordination were recognized from the beginning. “It’s very helpful to the design team to see what each one of them is planning. This way they have the chance to make decisions early and get a better solution,” mr. Farina says.

The engineering team in this project from the contractor Odebrecht Rio de Janeiro was also pleased with Tekla BIMsight. The leaders of the team – Claudio Calasans, Eduardo Escobar and Ana Carolina Siqueira – recognized the value of the coordination work and thought the design phase was innovative.

In the future IN Prediais would also like to implement Tekla BIMsight into use on-site.


Formosa Beach Hotel

Site area: 4.827,82 m2
Constructed area: 35.585,63 m2
Private area: 14.755,14 m2
Number of guest rooms: 594​

Formosa Beach Hotel Humberto Farina

The main benefit is the easiness to handle Tekla BIMsight. It's simple to open the IFC and manage the information to show what you want.
Humberto Farina
IN Prediais

Formosa Beach Hotel Humberto Farina 2

BIM coordination gives the project team the possibility to make decisions at an early stage and thus get a better solution.
Humberto Farina
IN Prediais